Friday, October 01, 2004

Little Lord Lucianne

Jonah Goldberg, in the general post-debate fit over at The Corner, invents and endorses prints a "Reader's" letter describing the supposed "narcissism" of John Kerry:

FOP, DANDY [Jonah Goldberg]

From a reader:

Jonah, The terms fop and dandy come to mind as we hear more about Kerry's obsession with his appearance. He flies his hairdresser across the country, he uses spray on tan for that outdoors look, it appears that he has botox treatments and has had his choppers whitened. Finally, while in Florida he seizes the opportunity to pop in to the beauty parlor for a manicure while the Presidents visits the hurricane victims. I believe this is an indicator of the differences between the real deal and a self absorbed narcissist.

Jonah no doubt agrees, because of course tough guys should look like this.