Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Leonard Peikoff Is Insane

Ayn's heir puts himself squarely in Adam Yoshida territory.

The topic of self-defense brings me to the war in Afghanistan...America went into Afghanistan filled with ambivalence, uncertainty, and even guilt. Our leadership was afraid of Afghan civilian casualties, afraid of American casualties..so they settled on a pitiful proxy war...They did not dare bomb population centres where al-qaeda and the Taliban promptly hid out, thereby eluding capture. Along with bombs, needless to say, we covered the country with care packages. Was this a war, or a pretense and a charade? A war in self-defense must be fought without self-crippling restrictions placed on our commanders. And it must secure victory as quickly as possible regardless of how many innocent civilians are caught in the line of fire or are deliberate targets of that fire. [Believe it or not, emphasis is in the original.]


If you are curious enough to listen to the whole lecture, you'll see that it gets even more grisly and detailed.

Randians not only think that any regulation of interstate commerce is fascistic, they also have some pretty wacky ideas on foriegn policy, obviously. Happily, most of those who become infatuated with the loony doctrines of Ayn Rand grow out of it by age 16 and then go on to lose their virginity, donate cans of soup to indigents, and develop a sense of humor. But, alas, some do not.

Justin Raimondo, who is often pretty silly himself, nonetheless makes perfect sense in his analysis of Peikoff's lecture and the Cult of Ayn, in general.

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