Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Hilarious Inferno

All right, this contest is over. The most hilarious post of the night goes to Cliff May at The Corner whose lies can't be covered by the standard "pants on fire" descriptions. His deceit is well beyond that: his entire leisure suit is on fire. He's a walking Forest Fire; he's a typing towering fuckin' inferno. And (to mix metaphors/similes), like a "heel" in professional wrestling, it's hilarious:

NRO bloggers try hard to be honest and not to let their partisanship interfere with their analysis. They want to describe what is happening, not what they hope is happening. They bend over backwards to be fair.

This is something that I genuinely think is more common among conservatives than liberals.

Listen to David Brook vs. Mark Shield on NPR. David says what he thinks and criticizes Republicans often. Shields is always a cheerleader for Democrats.
Think of Tucker Carlson vs. Paul Begala and James Carville on Crossfire. Same thing.

Like the best comedy acts, May's gets better with each reading. David Brooks, not a partisan hack! Bwahahahaha. NRO bloggers honest! Stop it, May, you're killin' me! Ahahahahaha.