Friday, October 08, 2004

From The Department of Ewww

The state of K-Lo's vagina: moist. The reason: Dick Cheney. Our redoubtable K-Lo then links to a woman named after a con game to "show" that NRO vaginas aren't the only ones that are self-loathing and toothy aroused by flaccid vituperative, geriatric Dick:

I’m telling you--Cheney struck an unexpected cord with women in this debate. Listening to female callers on talk radio in Los Angeles and talking with female friends (not just Republicans--but also not wild-eyed Kerry supporters), I keep hearing the same refrain--Dick Cheney was sexy in this debate. Security moms are not only impressed with his command of the issues, we were also strangely drawn to him as he talked . . . and it was more than just gravitas!

After wiping the barf from our chins, let us go back to the NRO, to barf yet again, this time to the butch vagina division, where David Frum informs us that John Edwards, uh, on the other hand, left him frigid:

With his repeated and worshipful descriptions of John Kerry--not to mention Edwards's moist good looks--you have to say that he would fill the role of First Lady much better than Teresa Heinz is likely to do.

Frum certainly has an eye for this sort of thing, eh? I think we know what he expects at home of poor Danielle.

Sully expresses disapproval, but again does it in the wrong way. Might I be helpful? Sully, you have to turn the bullshit back on them. Sexist comments flung back onto sexists stings far worse than emphatic moralism. The same with homophobia. It's on the right track to mock Frum as a macho-man (because everyone knows he's a moral weakling who never misses an opportunity to grovel to a conservative power), but more sarcasm, please. Think of that classic Onion story of the Gun Show that was a latent homosexual free-for-all: hilarious, not a bit homophobic considering context, and God does it sting rightwingers.

Anyway, TBOGG has a bit of fun with another famous conservative who found Edwards too effeminate. You'll never guess who it is! So, here's a hint: it's probable that she's a guy.

Then, of course, there's Jonah's "reader's" take on Kerry's alleged effeminacy.

The rightwing's really been on the ..well, ball with this macho man schtick ever since Colin Powell donned the utility belt and leather daddy outfit and hardhat to show how it's done, ya wimpy lefty pinko homo girly appeasers. They're sayin that is part and parcel of moral clarity, bitchez, so deal.