Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The elementropy Audio-Visual Club Part Two

Yeah, everyone's seen it, but let me guide you to the best version of the Jon Stewart appearance on Crossfire.

Here's the partial transcript linked to by just about everyone else in the blogosphere.

The bow-tied humorless dipshit -- apparently the only person on earth who thinks George Will's uber-nerd affectation is worth emulating -- whom Stewart annhilated, is still fuming (read between the lines). Nor has Stewart, for that matter, let it go: he got in more jabs the next Monday. I hope it keeps going; Carlson is a pompous asshat, the Tacitus of television, and as such is the best possible target for Stewart to choose.

Meanwhile, CNN does its level best to get back at Stewart, a delicate job indeed considering how popular his eviceration of Crossfire hacks proved to be:

It's ironic that a comedian whose livelihood comes from what he calls his "fake news" forum on Comedy Central is staking his ground on serious journalism. Stewart might be biting the hand that feeds him, annoying the same media-elite crowd whose enthusiasm for "The Daily Show" has helped give him the platform he now enjoys.

The media can take a ribbing from "The Daily Show," but its denizens might not want to take advice from Stewart.

I don't use the term "hero" very often but Jon Stewart is the greatest hero in American History.

Update: And here's proof: Drudge is trying to say there's a popular backlash against Stewart. Wonkette is right-on in her sarcastic conclusion:

What's important here is that someone declare Stewart irrelevant so that we can continue to believe that Crossfire is a real news show.

Now to completely spell out the facts. Stewart said, or attempted to say, what is not allowed on "serious" National TV: that there's no difference between "Left" and Right as presented on such shows as Crossfire, that their "debates" are a construct, a sham, and as such they serve Demos very poorly or not at all. Drudge, the Cornertards, and Novak have all been on the job here because they especially despise the populist sentiments Stewart is echoing.

The Greatest Ex-President In American History, Martin Van Buren, blogs for us a flash cartoon that's pretty fuckin funny.

No Bush In 04 is a site containing probably the finest collection of lefty-friendly clips on the net. Enjoy.

The masterly Yes Men have made another parody site, Yes Bush Can. Not quite as funny as the first but still well worth a visit and your support.

Here's a history of stupid radio stunts. No, Limbaugh's debut, much less existence, is not mentioned. (Thanks to Poly for the link.)

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Added Again: Sean Hannity being a dick.

Triumph in Spin Alley (Quicktime), via ...about everyone, but I'll credit Wonkette, because she has the good taste to ignore Richard Perle's adhesive insinuations.