Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Don't Let Up

While it's been hard dealing with the fact that Pete and Sebly are indolent pooptards, one regains hope when observing that TBOGG and Roy of alicublog adhere to a traditional work ethic.

They've been taking turns the last few weeks snarking the living crap out of James "Don't Call Me Bob Balaban" Lileks.

Replay: left hook, a kick to the groin, bitch slap, karate kick, right cross, coup de grace.

Though all these made me smile and/or laugh, none can match the boffo hilarity found in this, entirely different, entry on Lileks: the straight man is always more funny than those who are clued into the joke.

Good Stuff.


I slip into reverie... borrowing from Lileks's own dorktastic sci-fi idiom, I entertain a vision of becoming, ever briefly, the blogosphere alliance's Admiral Ackbar, ordering my favourite bloggers to target this or that particular enemy: "concentrate all firepower on that Super Star Destroyer". The U.S.S. Clueless, of course, has already been blown into so much space rubble, now floating harmlessly away from the Death Star. I wonder if the swarm and flurry strategy would work on others in the same way. What have we got to lose? No, "civility" is not a viable answer.