Saturday, October 09, 2004

Debate II

Kerry won, though not by as much as last time. I didn't think he started as well as last time ("He outsourced that job, too"); the only real zinger I remember him giving this time was near the middle of it, where he said to Bush "where we balanced a budget, something you don't know how to do."

Bizarre Moment: How many people still think we have an emotionally stable President after watching him run over moderator Charlie Gibson, break the debate rules, and generally shout his answer like he did at his coke dealer back in the 70s at the Blue Oyster Cult concert? Olbermann likens it to an athlete yelling at a referee, while Atrios compares Bush to an obnoxious tourist. Wolcott's take is fairly apt, too.

One of the least political people I know told me four years ago that she thought Bush was dangerously hotheaded. I've always pretty much agreed with her assessment. Now in these debates, first he's scowling, then edgy, then tonight he, just for a second or so, explodes.

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall in the Oval Office when Rove gives Bush some little bit of reality (read: bad news)? The guy must go apeshit. Those Presidental tapes that come out after every adminstration are going to be the most vulgar and irrate at least since Nixon's -- provided that they ever come out.

Damn, Oliver Willis does quick work; follow the link to watch the clip of Bush going batshit.