Friday, October 01, 2004

Consider The Source

Hey, why should a lefty hunt for historical analogies?

Jay Nordlinger in the National Review:

Bush said, "We're makin' progress" a hundred times — that seemed a little desperate. He also said "mixed messages" a hundred times — I was wishing that he would mix his message. He said, "It's hard work," or, "It's tough," a hundred times. In fact, Bush reminded me of Dan Quayle in the 1988 debate, when the Hoosier repeated a couple of talking points over and over, to some chuckles from the audience (if I recall correctly).

Dan Quayle. Yes. If Nixon in 1960 is the standard of failure in style, persona, and presentation, Quayle in 1988 is the worst with regard to substance.

--Well, the worst of a major party. There's always Perot's Admiral Stockdale. Bush's Tourette's repetition of "Hard Work" and "Tough Job" could be compared to Stockdale's "GRIDLOCK!".

(Link via TBOGG.)