Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Stupid Time, Give Me More Of You!

Yeah, I know ..I haven't been doing my part. I had resolved to cover my choice, Tacitus, of the RNC bloggers (a.k.a. The Coterie of Jackasses), but what sucks with blogging is that one is so easily distracted. Just as soon as a tissue of lies and stupidity is found, one comes across another and another -- and another, until one is overwhelmed.

For instance, when composing the offering of roccoco snark below, the quality of which is minimal, I did, actually, make an effort to check in on my quarry, only to find a post of such awesome wrongheadedness, ringing banality, and pompous jackassery that I briefly forgot all about covering anything else. Tacitus is a sly devil: in order to confound bloggers like me who had anticipated deconstructing and defusing a steady supply of small, Convention-themed landmines of stupidity, Tacitus wisely hid in the mix clusterbombs of cretinism.


Later, I watched some convention highlights, wrote more on the Frum post, watched Barbara Bush actually make a decent, amusing speech, then watched the younger Barbara and Jenna make complete fools of themselves, checked in with the dorks at the The Corner, quickly observed that Jonah Goldberg was just barely sentient enough to realise that the Bush sisters had bombed, but still was apparently aroused enough to either soil himself or commence masturbating -- I closed the window before whatever inevitably followed scarred my retinas.

One thing's for sure, there's a lot of html masturbation going on at the RNC blogbooth; I guess for the authors it's so much better than the discretion and expense of their weekend peepshow regimen.

The guy over at Fagistan offers some zing.

From alicublog, we learn that the "Libertarians" find police brutality a laff-riot. Several sneered and snickered when I used to call self-professed "Libertarians" crypto-fascists, but I feel like I have reasonable grounds for doing so. Relatedly, I've been reading in and out of two books by Ward Churchill lately, and sure enough he describes Randianism as crypto-fascist, too. Meanwhile, the "freedom is freedom" Reason reporters, after getting their ya-yas out in the vicarious joy of witnessing hippie-beatings (or in the anticipation of it), engage in that freedom that really matters to them: a shopping spree at Brooks Brothers. Give me fashion or give me death -- and kill the hippies anyway.

After this whirlwind tour, I decided to check in one last time on Tacitus, but I found that he's AWOL. I'm left to wonder if he succumbed to superior snark, or was mistakenly Gitmo-ed by the NYC Police who didn't believe any "South Carolina" bullshit, but instead assumed that a hat with a logo of a crescent and Palm-like tree on it meets the Ashcroft Standard of "aiding the terrorists". If so: hoist, petard, poetic justice, and all that.

Or, maybe, TBOGG's explanation for his missing RNCblogger is the correct one for AWOL Tacitus. Could be...

*Edit -- Corrected an inappropriate link -- Thanks to digamma.

**Update on the RNC masturbatory blogging, Salon dons biohazard suits, performs a forensic analysis. Via alicublog.