Thursday, September 09, 2004

"Sorry, Mr Krempasky, But I Don't Go In For These Backdoor Shenanigans"*

Mike Krempasky, an RNC-credentialed blogger of, has seen fit to address my criticisms by replying in a highly suggestive -- even adhesive -- manner very much along the lines of "mine is bigger than yours, but might I see yours just to make sure?":

Ah, dear friend. Call it whining, if you will... But frankly, I think that blogs can have a much greater impact, even yours - with your towering average of 31 hits a day. Remarkable pair of nads, you've got[!] - to shell so much criticism from such a tiny...pulpit.[!]

What can I say?

I'm sorry, Mr Krempasky, "Sure, I'm flattered, maybe even a little curious, but the answer is no!"

And with all this rather uncomfortably in mind, I nonetheless cheerfully suggest that in light of his Freudian revelations it would be seemly for Mr Krempasky to do a little soul searching before he takes Sully to task for his attack on Rick Santorum, whom Krempasky seems rather eager to defend.

And now for the substance of Krempasky's love letter, such of it there is:

Anyways, to the matter at hand [!]. Embargos are good things - and they are to be respected. Liberal, conservative, doesn't matter. I wouldn't break one on Bush or Kerry - we all face the same struggle - being taken seriously by those in power. (ok, so your struggle is a little more significant)[!] By showing no aptitude for discretion, it makes us all look bad.

To paraphrase Kos, I spit on Krempasky's affected rectitude, which was newly discovered and quickly forgotten: the hallmark of a phony. What Kos did was far less a dirty trick than what Tacitus did with regard to the protestors, which he has since elaborated on, and Krempasky has never seen fit to condemn as a modicum of consistency should require. As such, Krempasky can Cheney himself -- and I say this in regard to his lack of principle as well as in regard to his vulgar staring, as it were, at my package, both of which were conveyed by a posted comment intended to be wounding to me but in actuality unintentionally hilarious in its semiliteracy as well as in its leitmotiv of sticky, unilateral desire.

**Edit --clarified part of the sentence linking to Krempasky's defence of Santorum, of which I especially like Krempasky's unironic use of the phrase "Santorum with the most juice in the state" -- unironic, you know, considering this.