Saturday, September 04, 2004

"So I Said To Woody Allen, 'Well, Camus Can Do, But Sartre Is Smart-re.'"

Jumping To Conclusions: "Oh, yeah? Well, Scooby-Doo can doo doo, but Jimmy Carter is smarter."*

(One shouldn't let the Jimmy Carter mention be borne in mind too literally: the subject of this post, like his blogmate, is ultra-reactionary to the point that anyone actually extolling Carter's virtues in his presence would doubtless be quickly dismissed as an America-hater.)

I wish I had an html tumbleweed that could blow by their banal posts whenever these yuppie dipshits use their blogs to brag on arguments they supposedly won, or on bon mots they supposedly dished out to delighted comrades or to justly withered enemies:

A friend of mine, with whom I was arguing about the war, not only repeated the canard that we're acting unilaterally, but when challenged on it, dismissed our allies as being "bullied and bribed" and thus inconsequential. Just like John Kerry. Hmmm, must have been reading from the same talking points. And theirs is the side who purports to "repair our standing in the world"?

Oh, yeah. That's so good. There's just no comeback.

Except that Ari Fleischer got laughed off stage for making the same silly claim, by people who are well familiar with how easily and how often their governments are bribed (and with, it must be added, how in character it was for Bushies to offer bribes).

And "bullied" perfectly describes the majority of people of the countries of the "coalition" who were against the war. In the first country among these that had elections (Spain), the bullied people kicked out the pro-Bush leader. This is democracy, after all, an admittedly unsavoury concept for yuppie reactionaries. Look for it to happen in Poland and Oz, too, and hopefully even in America in November, provided that democracy is actually allowed to work this time.

* -- Fixed quotation