Friday, September 17, 2004

Purple Pose

Richard Cohen uses "purple" in the stupidest way at least since the second Stone Temple Pilots album, and in doing so also manages to take pundits' general habit of autohagiography to an even more obscene level.

I live in a state of my own. It is not blue, which is to say anti-Bush. And it is not red, long the color of lefties, commies and the like but now somehow the color of reactionaries -- the GOP and zealous partisans of the president. My own state of mind combines some of the blue with some of the red to produce my own political hue. Color me purple.


...some of us cherish moderation, recoil from conspiracy theories and would like, if possible, to stick to the facts. We may dislike Bush's policies, but we do not vitriolically hate the man, think he stole the election or blame our own country for the crimes of Sept. 11. We are the proud Purples -- once the royal color, now the tattered banner of common sense.

It's called a "false synthesis", Dick.

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