Tuesday, September 21, 2004

More Crazy & Stupid Than Crazy & Stupid

I've thought for a while now that the fucktardious nutbars who inhabit Roger L. Simon's blog are about as crazy as people can be without going the whole clown shoes/eye twitch/rainbow wig/loaded rifle in the belltower route.

In other words, almost as crazy and stupid as freepers. But now, with ol' Roger's help, they've outdone themselves. If freepers wear tinfoil hats, Simonites are mummified in Reynolds Wrap; if freepers are barely human, Simonites are barely simian:

Soro really should look at who he's currently financing. Many of them are true believer in the truth of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Nevermind that it's been proven to be a forgery, it's the content of the forgery that counts.

How come no one ever talks about the Netherlands Antilles? It's the place where his hedge fund is located...it's also the place where drug cartels launder their money and intl. online gaming companies are based. It's also completely shielded from external scrutiny. Why is this not commmented on more thoroughly?

George Soros is a very shady character who has avery ambiguous history. There are those who think he was being groomed as Armand Hammer's replacement by the KGB in the 1980s. Some people, like LGEN Sir Michael Rose, believe they have identified connections with the CIA.

Like his support for Eastern European democracy George Soros is a Jew when it suits him.

I am more focused on the havoc a bozo like Sorros has on society and especially my people and I'll repeat it drives me nuts! Some of the worst anti-Semites have been and are Jews. Turning on your own kind and even against your own interests, is one of the weirder elements exhibited in nature and I view Sorros in that light. Also remember many Jews in Europe walked to slaughter without even fighting! THAT IS WHAT THIS JEW (ME) WILL NEVER DO!

The answer for the average Russian was he was a Soviet era KGB creation. Soros fits a similar pattern. The question is what happened to these people once the Soviet Union fell apart?

If you think Soros hates his fellow Jews you should shudder at what he thinks of East European Christians:

Regarding "women's health" programs in Central and Southeastern Europe, for instance, one will look in vain for breast-cancer detection or prenatal or postnatal care. Soros' main goal is clear and frankly stated: "to improve the quality of abortion services."

Of course all of it is pure drivel. But I confess I do like the Armand Hammer theory: wingnuts quite forget that Hammer gave money to Nixon/Ford/Reagan but instead remember that he was far too cozy with the Soviets, and pretty much bankrolled Al Gore, Sr's later years.

The wingnuts hate Soros obviously because he gives money to anti-Bush organisations. But it's more than that. He's for drug-legalisation, which pisses off those Republican puritans who otherwise preach so much about personal freedom. He's against both far left and far right subversions of democracies, which pisses off the not-so-closeted theocrats and tribalists of rightwing, who quite like it that Bush claims to chat policy issues with Jesus and who also think that anything Ariel Sharon does or has ever done is okey fucking dokey. I also suspect that, as a pragmatic capitalist he, like Warren Buffett, thinks capitalism can put itself in danger by being too callous, which may eventually inspire a revolution from the other side. He doesn't like Israel's ongoing Manifest Destiny programme. And perhaps worst of all, Soros explodes the rightwing meritocratic myth that considers financial/CEO types Brainiacs whose rare intellects make them so deserving of their scandalous salaries:

Soros didn't accept the prevailing theory among economics professors, who held that markets are rational, that prices reflect every nuance of hard data and relevant information. He believed that investors influenced one another and moved in herds. Soros' trick was to try to understand that herd instinct. Most of the time he went along with the mob, but his real killings came from sensing when the trend would turn and getting out in front of the pack.

And how could he tell the timing of the crucial turning points? Like other investors, Soros had colleagues gather information and perform analyses. But he also had an extraordinary gut. He said that he would have an instinctive physical reaction about when to buy or sell. Normally his composure was cool and emotionless, but when he suffered from a bad backache, he took it as an ominous warning about problems in the market. "I used the onset of acute pain as a signal that there was something wrong in my portfolio," he once explained. "I rely a great deal on animal instincts."

Instinct. I expect that doesn't sit well with wingnuts who make a habit of sneering at the "stupid" poor and leftists. It's also worth noting that Soros, to his credit, wished to follow Karl Popper into political philosophy, but couldn't cut it and so had to settle for finance, where he became a master by not paying a dime's worth of attention to the "science" of it.

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