Thursday, September 09, 2004

"I Can Be Nearly Crazy Enough For Your Tastes If You'd Only Let Me Speak"

William F. Buckley in Horowitz's FPM:

FP: What did you think of the Democratic National Convention? Carter struck me as especially pathetic. This is a President who lost two crucial allies of America’s, Iran and Nicaragua, to our enemies and who stood by when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. In many respects, the rise of militant Islam was spawned under – and because of – his incompetent presidency. And yet he is still lecturing – moralistically at that -- the Republicans on how to conduct foreign policy. What did you make of this in particular and of the DNC in general?

Buckley: Dear Jamie, you are answering my questions for me. Thanks...


Also, The Shorter William F. Buckley:

Silly Democrats, practicing your speeches! Also, one day people will not love Bill Clinton. So There.


I concede Kerry made a good speech but Dick Cheney is a great debator so Kerry/Edwards better watch out.

Disclaimer: Shorter concept inspired by busy, busy, busy from an idea by D-Squared.

**Update & Disclaimer: Disclaimer blithely stolen from Sadly, No! and woulda gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddlin' Sebs!