Sunday, September 05, 2004

Good Stuff

From the geniuses who brought you Betty Bowers and The Landover Baptist Church, comes The Official George W. Bush Re-Selection Site, which is to presidential campaigns what The Onion is to general news reporting.

The success of parody is largely determined by its detail, by providing a sort of false verisimilitude; properly executed parody is an exaggeration of (or rephrasing -- literally and figuratively -- of) many of its subject's traits. A parody of a single trait quickly bores and is often neutralised (honestly or not) by the much over-used strawman defence. But a carefully constructed parody which aims for thorough, detailed charicature is often obliterating.

The Bush Re-Selection Site obliterates. I Love it. Link via Feministe.


World O' Crap offers "'Sex You Up' Saturday", a clearinghouse post on skanky, hermaphroditic, and utterly disgusting political personalities.

Skanky -- The case of Washingtonienne, whose blog made for a minor if eye-rolling cause celebre when discovered, is given a full treatment if not, thank god, the stiff rogering Washingtonienne herself recieved, often anally, by married hypocrites Republicans in DC.

World O'Crap informs us that Ms Jessica Cutler (nee' Washingtonienne) is rather vapid, is a Rockefeller Republican rather than a puritanical Reagan-Bush type, benefitted from what she describes as DC's low general standards of beauty, has recently posed nekkid for Playboy, and is newly wealthy from a recent book deal.

Yes, Ms Cutler is attractive in her nude photos. Allowing for the fact that Playboy's photographers are maestros, Cutler is petite and proportioned with nice, vaguely Eurasian, facial features. That she's not WASPy or Barbie beautiful shouldn't be a problem, should it? I'm not surprised that liberals are unimpressed with Cutler's "celebrated" cuteness, but I am surprised that wingnuts find her so unappealing (maybe it's because she looks "multicultural"?). But then I have yet to see the rightwing's chronic masturbators opine on the subject.

Conclusion: The saga of Washingtonienne restates several things we already know: that we are ruled by venal hypocrites, that we love sex scandals which do not matter but we ignore financial scandals that most definitely do matter, and that it's sad that the slightly-better-than average looking can score big by fucking the right people and telling the tale rather than by exhibiting the slightest talent or intelligence.

Hermaphroditic -- Of course, this can only apply to Ms Ann Coulter, a.k.a. The Toxic Toothpick. Adam's apple Ann, apparently adept at tucking back Mr. Winkie so that she could thrill wingnuts with her purple miniskirt, stoked the collective appetite by graphicly describing abortion procedures at an RNC luncheon.

Conclusion: Hermaphroditic stanks, tarted-up and reeking of testosterone-envy and elaborating on graphic medical procedures, may not be the projectile vomit-inducing MCs that we suppose, provided that the audience is composed of wingnuts who, as everyone knows, are brain-eating zombies.

Utterly Disgusting -- Rush Limbaugh, a drug addict still married to his third wife and still, possibly, suffering from the ingrown, pus-laden cyst on his ass (which came in handy not only as an excuse for his ass-scratching, but to gain deferments from the Vietnam War), is getting kissy with CNN anchorperson Daryn Kagan.

Conclusion: Vacuous TV personalities will fuck anything. We already knew that. Also, Rush Limbaugh has a "what, me worry?" attitude to his own hypocrisies which get ever bigger. But then we knew that, too.

Wonkette should take notes on Ms S.Z.'s post which is, cumulatively, impressive: this is how it's done. And though the thoroughness of the post is to be commended (size matters!), I mean it more with regard to style. Prickliness (as it were!) is a far better affectation than apathy. Ms Z. is catty where Ms Cox is often a tad too blase'.