Friday, September 03, 2004

The elementropy Audio-Visual Club

Like Ezra said, this is the "Best. Graphic. Ever."

And who knew that Choda-Boy was a Republican?

The Zell-failed Follies: Violence. "Now witness the firepower of this FULLY ARMED AND OPERATIONAL battle station."Constipated, with Dick Cheney. Godzella! (with more cowbell?) Zombie-Zell; and Zell with kitty.

Catch offers a collage, Norbizness provides captions in the comments, and of course is all over the RNC picture fest on his own blog. Meanwhile, Rising Hegemon has captioning fun here and here.

Then there is the Daily Show's scoop of Bush's campaign film, which is a must-see.

And that does it for our A-V meeting today. Props to atrios, from whom I stole many of these links. Zombie link via Dark Window; kitten picture via The Poor Man.

*Update: Americablog has posted the whole Daily Show send-up of Zell's political felo-de-se, here.