Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Coolest Thing Since Hipgnosis

"100 of the world's most celebrated artists chose their favorite musicians and created ...The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were"

Very Nice. I found this via Kurt Vonnegut's website. Vonnegut contributed a cover for Phish, by the way.

Added: Just what is it about Debbie Harry that is so alluring to better artists? The above cover is simple, excellent, gorgeous. Yet the masterly H.R. Giger also chose to work with the Blondie Girl. There is indeed a beautiful plasticity in Debbie Harry -- in her image and in her (and her co-writer, Chris Stein's) music. Is this the draw? I suppose it's rare enough that one finds superficiality appealing and so it's irresistible when it happens: the artist as the beguiled, a compulsive.