Friday, September 03, 2004

Boo Hoo, Again

Quickly doing their jobs in the face of so much crap, the AP's fact-checkers, well exactly that.

But REPORTING that a speech is full of lies is apparently an opinion and therefore an editorial, say the whiners at The Corner. (And in doing so they quite give their own game away.)

But even before then the mood was apparent: Krempasky and the dreadful Tacitus, credentialed RNC-ers at, fans of an adminstration which delights in strategic leaking, stuffily (of course) condemned Daily Kos "for breaking the embargo".

Spare me. Tacitus, for one, is the last person in the blogosphere who should claim high ethical standards, after his going out in the streets among the protestors, to find the most unphotogenic possible so that he could (as is his habit, without humour and without irony) label them "the Kerry Base", and to further falsify by saying that they said they were the Kerry Base.