Friday, September 17, 2004

As I Toil Away, Sipping Lattes And Deflating This Aeron Chair With My Fat Ass, Free Trade Looks Like A Sensible Proposition

General Glut catches the Free Trade Dogmatists giving their game away:

We see here the same old New Economy re-tooling eco-babble characteristic of new middle class intellectuals. So what if even the "creative" US economy has millions of textile workers, furniture producers, security guards and hotel cleaners. Sebastian Mallaby lives in Dupont Circle and all his friends are writers, software engineers, economists and advertising executives! So what if South Carolina has lost 17% of its blue-collar manufacturing jobs since January 2001 and North Carolina 22% -- the two states most affected by Chinese textile and furniture exports. Sebastian Mallaby saved $10 at Pier 1 this month!

This is an internecine war in the left that will only get bigger because so many of us have been infected with the "Libertarian" virus, the cure of which is in moving the afflicted from their cozy offices into working-class neighbourhoods, supplemented by an intense programme of reading labels at their local megamarket.