Monday, August 30, 2004

Link Dump

While at the farm, I collected a *lot* of links that I need to clean out of my favourites folder.

You may find something interesting in all this; you may not.

I won't get done with this tonight, so consider this post a continuing one.

As if we needed something to expand the already gelatinous American Waistline, there are now Fried Cookies.

An interesting blog by a woman losing her sight.

Activist Singles Site. Good, if superfluous, idea.

Repugnicans shouldn't even bother with entertainment at the convention, because the only "celebrities" who've agreed to play aren't well known, and if they are known, it's mostly only by people with atrocious taste (Republicans).

Revival of a Geopolitical Dracula, the CFPD, the neocons who managed to lie enough to destroy detente.

A piece I don't much care for arguing that Hitchens is an alcoholic.

William F. Buckley's National Review was once overtly racist, and these crazy racists wish it would return to that model, rather than the implicitly racist one NR now uses.

A funny site of short cartoons.