Monday, August 30, 2004

Assorted Crap

A local instance of corporate welfare; "the shareholders, the poor shareholders!"

Sully underlines the fact that in building Log Cabin Republicans, many a dumb fucking stump is left in the ground to suddenly observe what is, after all, an over thirty-year-old phenomenon:

History has come full circle, hasn't it? The Dixiecrats meet again in New York. Now they're called Republicans.

uggabugga has an excellent diagram up clarifying the tangled mess involved in all the recent (Israeli spying, Plame, Niger documents) scandals. Props to uggbugga for dissecting the reptilian Pentagon clusterfuck.

Shysteeblog has posted an excellent history of the utterly vile Michael Ledeen. Evidently the blog's proprietor has spent some time in Italy, which Ledeen has seen fit to menace for many years, and so his brief history of Ledeen's activity there is especially interesting.

The WSJ profiles the coterie of jackasses selected to cover the RNC convention. Evidently they saved the "best" for last for at the bottom lies Tacitus, Roy Edroso's description of whom is right-on:
Tacitus looks like your basic Libertarian alderman candidate.

Myself, I'm glad that the WSJ's brief questionnaire preserved Tacitus's intolerable style; witness, the typical modesty displayed in this comment:
Simply put, the three of us can put out some truly compelling writing. We are -- in terms of pure writing craft -- about the best blogging team there is. And we know our subject matter first-hand.

Like I said, jackasses.