Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Acute Powers Of Observation

TBOGG, yet again, lays waste to the NRO dorks, specifically when they converged on Boston, like so many lampreys feasting below the anal fin of the Great White Media Shark.

He paints a fine picture of socially-inept retards on the make:

Can I call it or what?Lousy tips, bad haircuts, and nobody gets laid. Nobody. Gets. Laid.To the bloggers who will be in Boston covering the Democratic convention:If you walk into a bar and see a bunch of pudgy guys in elastic-waist DockersĀ®, nursing beers and wiping their sweaty hands on their Le Tigre polos while nervously eyeing the one woman in the room...you've found the place. It only looks like a premature ejaculation support group.

He then goes on to show that even the spottled and pudgy, though hopeless with women, none the less draw an odd sort of groupie (whose linked blog is pure unintentional comedy gold -- the winks are icing on the cake).

Yes, there are pictures. The Poindexter-quotient of this one in particular is off the fuckin charts.