Thursday, July 01, 2004

Yeah, Good Luck With That

Via Wonkette, the Hollywood Reporter gives the lowdown on Michael Moore's competition.

Hubbard currently is negotiating to show two films critical of Moore.

The first is "Michael Moore Hates America," made by newcomer Michael Wilson and funded partially by Brian Cartmell, who made a small fortune when he sold his Internet domain registration company, eNic, to Verisign.

I bet that'll be a box office smash. But then it doesn't have to be for it's going to be shown in a festival in Dallas which is
bankrolled primarily by some "big-time conservative donors."

Yeah, I was wondering what Sciafe had been up to lately now that his bank account has recovered from Ann Coulter's last binge of hormone treatments and poopstache moustache removal. Guess I know now.

So why have a couple of lawyers from Texas created a film festival? "I've always been interested in the cultural and political messages in film," Jim Hubbard said. "To be frank, whenever there is such a message, it's liberal. For 40 years the left has had a near monopoly, and we're going to counter that."

Oh come on. The rightwing has been plenty represented in Hollywood in the last few decades. There's Billy Jack, and Darth Vader; that kid in Apt Pupil suffices for the NRA crowd; and let's not forget Dirty Harry and Gordon Gekko. And everyone knows that George Lucas created Emperor Palpatine to weld the actions of Richard Nixon with the looks and mannerisms of Norman Podhoretz. Whiners.