Thursday, July 08, 2004

What Happens When We Fight Back

Roy Edroso cites a few hypocritical instances of rightwing whining and handwringing, my favourite of which is Tacitus's (I am Alexander Hamilton!) Farewell Address, which Edroso cheerfully backhands:

My favorite piece of talking statuary is "feeling a profound disgust with humanity online."

Edroso's post is in the general vein of how they can dish it out, but can't take it -- which is all well and good and dead-on, but I seize it as an another opportunity to kick the crap out of Tacitus, who in his dolorous and turgid way, replies in the comments:

Not really [a complaint about civility online]. I did say, after all, that this is how things are. Penny Arcade is right. I'm just worn out for the moment.

Glad to be your favorite....talking statuary, I guess, though.

In other words: Look, Jeeves. Tut, this ruffian implies that I am, in the common vernacular, a "stiff". Would that he knew! Indeed! As you well know in my early blogging days I was quite the "rum cove" if you take my meaning. Yet this demotic rabble-rouser affects to find me wooden, as it were -- or I should say, "marble"! Bosh, flimshaw! Surely this epithet, when my blog's elegant logo is brought to mind, constitutes what I do believe is called a "joke".

"It is what it is", huh? Take a look at the Penny Arcade link. So anonymity breeds dickheadedness, is its point. Yes, this happens and yes, the internet fuels it. Yet presumably, our blogger who uses the nom de plume "Tacitus" is immune -- yes, because he can out-smug anyone and is positively humourless, so what need has he of snark or invective?

Of course two days later, in his "rest" from incivility (the recieving of it, that is; it's never ever dished out on his oh-so-collegial forum), he offers this on Faluja :
Miserable, gutless, spineless, war-losing and absolutely predictable failure.

Strong language! Even more than he could manage for Little Green Fascists who are merely "regretable" though they publish a "bilious hatefest".

But (oh now it is time for RETARDO to be "civil") I wish him well on his hiatus, though I doubt it will last as long as he says and while he has the opportunity (civility goes out the window now), he should perhaps look into getting a personality transfusion, and acquire a fucking sense of humour too.