Sunday, July 04, 2004

Oh. My. God.

Via Unfogged, Secretary of State Colin Powell.. well, he... oh just look for God's sake.

The original BBC story is here.

What next? Dick Cheney donning purple fur and patent vinyl as the Martin Gore clone in the White House Depeche Mode tribute? Don't these fools know they are sending a mixed message to their homophobe constituencies? Do they not get it? It now wouldn't surprise me a bit to see Richard Perle, in assless chaps and a dog collar, ride out in a custom tomahawk missile-equipped Harley to belt out a few choice cuts from "Defenders of the Faith".

--Update! The incomparable Sadly, No!
has a video of the concert
, which is just Seb's way of one-upping me since I beat him to the story.