Wednesday, June 30, 2004

You Silly Bastard

The, uh.. entities at Fafblog have really outdone theirselves.

"That's true," says me. "Spam comes in a handy can while ham comes packaged in inconvenient pig form."
"In the future we will get spam from special improved spam pigs," says Giblets, "which I call 'spigs'."

Toffler meets Dali.

"In the future humans will conduct all contact through the internet," says me. "All jobs will be e-jobs, all friends will be e-friends, all sex will be e-sex. Sperm and ova will be joined electronically to form e-babies."
"Porn stars will have e-sex with millions of strangers a day," says Giblets. "They will be constantly pregnant, even the men, but will be genetically engineered to reproduce only through budding."
"The president will be a giant satellite dish shaped like the president," says me. "He will have all of America's hopes an fears transmitted into him several times a day, an use use amazin new technologies to transform them into delicious hope-and-fear-flavored combo meals."

At long last magical realism has come to the blogosphere. Fafblog's "Arkansas" is to the blog what Vidal's "Duluth" was to the novel, a sort of "apres-post structuralism..." the blog entry "elevated to the square or cube."