Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Now that we know what Chalabi did the fun is speculating on who gave him the info.

Josh Marshall has a suspect, but won't name names. General Glut says it's Michael Rubin. But why someone so ...second tier? Chalabi apprently was appraised of the codes by someone who was drunk, but why would the drunk have to be his only source of info? Like Marshall says

One point that is key to keep in mind here is that if you know the way a lot of these guys treated Chalabi, how they thought of him, it's really not at all surprising that they would have shared this sort of information with him. It would, frankly, be much more surprising if they hadn't. Remember, this was Ahmed Chalabi, the 'leader of Free Iraq', the man of destiny around whom the democratic transformation of the region would turn like a wheel on an axle. could be several of them. But apparently the principal culprit, the drunk, is one who's spent a considerable amount of time in Iraq. Why not Doug Feith?