Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Transparency, You Sumbitches!

The editors of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wag their fingers in the Bushies' faces.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged last week that he had approved holding a suspected Iraqi terrorist off of prison books. The Pentagon blamed bureaucratic inertia for leaving the man in secret detention for seven months, in violation of international law. Human Rights Watch says the man is one of 13 terrorists held as "ghost" prisoners outside the sight of the International Red Cross.

Yeah, I knew that much, but the editorial mentions a juicy bit that is news to me:
The deception is not surprising in light of one of the memos that Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are seeking. A Jan. 4 memo by the top legal adviser to Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez is titled, "New plan to restrict Red Cross access to Abu Ghraib."

Conclusion: Tattoo, Esq. has given advice to Lt. Gen. Ricardo Montalban, co-host of Fantasy Iraq, to the effect that the visiting Red Cross should be given an especially good illusion of the happenings at Abu Ghraib.

Further Conclusion: Someone please cancel this fuckin series.