Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Tee Hee

In the spirit of my encomium of TBOGG, I salute Seb, the proprietor of Sadly, No! in his utter destruction of, well...

the hottest new conservative writer on the web so book mark this page and you can say you knew him before he was famous!

by which I mean, THE Justin Darr.

Was Seb mean? Possibly unfair? Fuck, noMaybe, but the beauty of a Sadly, No! "expose'" is that it is written with a boffo laugh, never a cruel sneer.

(No, the cruel sneer comes with norbizness's one-liner in the comments section: "Well, we now know that Vladimir Putin was visiting hookers in Philadelphia in the early 70s." Cruel, yes, but considering Darr's picture, Jebus Christ it's funny.)

I confess that I want to be like Seb when I grow up. I wish to excell at digging out from the bottom of the gooey and fly-ridden dumpster of the net the most retarded "conservative sensations" possible, and fuel their rise to stardom in my own especial way. Seb is a showman, brandishing before the camera of the blogosphere his golden needle of wit with which he deflates the most distended of fucktards whose rapid contractions, though doubtlessly causing flight, morbidly delight the room with a flatulent demise so like that of an untied balloon sculpture.

Secret Message to Seb: For this purpley-prosed, ridiculous (though sincere) homage, you'd better gimme a link, biatch.