Sunday, May 23, 2004

Molotov Cocktail

Since he's gotten in a few shots on Primer while I've been away, and because, more generally he's a fascist buffoon who deserves the harshest of critiques from all corners, I've done what I've never done before or will after: troll a rightwing blog.

In case he deletes it, here it is in its entirety :


I thought this story might stir up your angina, or PMS, as the case may be. You know, since your tribalism trumps all your other "principles." Long live LEHI and the Stern Gang, I suppose.

Nice to see you defending the "conservative" concept of Bills of Attainder, but then you never were a fan of the American Constitution (it's that democracy thing huh?). Come to think of it, I remember reading elswhere on this laff-riot of a blog your distended "musings" over the COMMUNIST CHINESE constitution, clearly implying that America's is inferior.

The irony (paradox? hypocrisy? stupidity?) is that for someone who wishes that Milton Friedman rather than George Mason invented the Bill of Rights, you're, at heart and as always, a state capitalist. No, a self-professed "Libertarian", thus demonstrating your progress, if not quite from moth to larvae then from chameleon to platypus. Dont stop the music! I love zoos.

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment. Dont worry, I'll never post here again. I'll just make fun from afar.


Posted by: RETARDO at May 23, 2004 06:05 AM

What the hell, I owe him. The LEHI and Stern Gang reference is especially apt for him, considered with the yahoo link, which I reproduce here because yahoo links dont last long:

"JERUSALEM - An Israeli Cabinet minister on Sunday said the army's demolition of Palestinian homes in the Gaza Strip (news - web sites) reminded him of actions the Nazis took against his family during World War II and called for a halt to the policy of destroying homes.

The remarks by Justice Minister Yosef Lapid, a Holocaust survivor, sparked an uproar at the weekly Cabinet meeting, officials at the meeting said.

The ministers were discussing Israel's demolition of homes in the Rafah refugee camp. Dozens of homes have been destroyed or damaged during an ongoing offensive along the Gaza-Egypt border.

Lapid was quoted by officials at the meeting as saying a picture of an old Palestinian woman on the rubble of her home reminded him "of my grandmother in the Holocaust."

The statement outraged hard-line Likud Party ministers, who demanded he recant.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) said such comments add "oil to the fire of incitement."

Lapid said he was not comparing Israel to the Nazis but there "is no forgiveness for people who treat an old woman in this way."

LEHI and the Stern Gang, of course, were Zionist splinter group who wanted to make a deal with the Nazis. In return for a Nazi guarantee of an Israeli state, they offered to make war on the British then occupying Palestine (future Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Shamir was a member of this sorry lot).

"After the war the LEHI members murdered Count Folke Bernadotte, the United Nations mediator in Palestine, who had earlier played an exemplary role in rescuing the Jews of occupied Hungary from Hitler's Final Solution." -- Christopher Hitchens, The Nation August 1989

Thus like the thugs of LEHI, Nieporent, who has recently expressed glee over Israel's penchant for assassination (often what amounts to a Bill of Attainder for its own citizens, if admittedly second-class ones), who denies any ethnic cleansing occurs in Israel, who euphemises at best Ariel Sharon's culpability in the mass murder of defenseless men women and children at Sabra and Shatila, who has always been quick to call any critic of Israel an "anti-semite," among many similarly ripe positions always in rightwing Israel's favour, subverts and suborns every known principle he ever laid claim to for the supreme sake of tribalist "loyalty."