Thursday, May 27, 2004

Crop Circles!

The local wheat is headed-out and starting to turn colour so, in a reprise of last year's antics, some creative doofi have made a very nice pinwheel in an undisclosed local farmer's field.

Of course, like last year, the farmer's pissed and now the local paper won't state the location of the field, due to the damage the curious and the gullible make in "examining" the circle.

I regret that I wasnt the first to do this ten years ago when I went as far as to mark out the spot in my field. But then I dont want crystal-wearing "paranormal" investigators knocking on my door, either.

I read with delight the local paper's mention of a group "working with a scientist at UC, Davis" which has decided to study the "myccorizal fungi" in the field.

--Update-- Sorry, no pics as the local paper doesnt have a webpage.