Thursday, May 27, 2004

And Now From The "Purveyor Of Secondhand Testosterone"

Everyone knows that Richard Perle's a horrible asshole, but when even Tom Freaking Clancy thinks that he's too callous and bloodthirsty, well it takes the cake:

'In discussing the Iraq war, both Clancy and Zinni singled out the Department of Defense for criticism. Clancy recalled a prewar encounter in Washington during which he "almost came to blows" with Richard Perle, a Pentagon adviser at the time and a longtime advocate of the invasion.

"He was saying how (Secretary of State) Colin Powell was being a wuss because he was overly concerned with the lives of the troops," Clancy said. "And I said, 'Look ..., he's supposed to think that way!' And Perle didn't agree with me on that. People like that worry me."

You're far gone when you out-chickenhawk Tom Clancy.
Link via TBOGG

--Update-- Here's a good article explaining why Clancy's discontent is a dangerous sign for Bush. Yes, it's at Peretz's rag, but hold your nose and read it.