Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Yeah Yeah

So I've been gone for a while.

I went back to Delaware again to stay a while with Alka and son. Had a great time. We took a trip to DC to see the Smithsonian, which I had wanted to visit since childhood. Took a roll of pics. We all flipped off the cretin in the White House, got a stupid 100$ parking ticket, and even did some exploring in tha 'hood.

The American Presidency exhibit pissed me off, however. I saw nothing of Jefferson's. Washington was predictably overrepresented. The only thing I saw of J. Q. Adams's was his cane, which was nice enough but I'd hoped for more. The Lincoln section, however, was impressive. I saw the life mask and the hat he wore the night he was assassinated, and it did, I admit, sort of awe me to be that close to something that historic, yet that quotidian. After all, it's only a stovepipe hat. But still...

Anyway, the modern presidents were seriously overrepresented. I'd rather see a board from Franklin Fucking Pierce's outhouse than see anything "historic" from Gerald Ford's term of office.

The model ships were really nice, especially the model of the Mayflower. The trains were cool, too. But the Natural History Museum was by far my favourite. The South American and Pacific Cultures collections were awesome, as were the Native American artefacts, especially the totem poles.

The dinosaurs were of course great, as I knew they'd be (and they had a predictable effect on the child: the boy loved them), but what I was particularly impressed by was the odd megafauna of the ice age -- not the mammoths, which everyone knows were impressive, but the fucking gigantic ground sloth.

The Air and Space museum was neat. The planetarium show was excellent. Disconcerting, though, were the huge nuclear missiles at the enterance. Ugh.

But anyway, it was a great trip and a wonderful experience. All of it. Kochamcie, Ala i Miscu i Kiecia.