Thursday, March 11, 2004

That "Giant Sucking Sound"

So Ross Perot warned of NAFTA. Despite the "successes" of NAFTA, the ideologues can't be content with just de facto slave labour in Mexico, oh no. They have to have it in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua etc. too!

Thus, the CAFTA pact, the latest from the Learned Society of the Invisible Fist.

Sadly, several "Liberal" naughties, including John Kerry, insist that Central American workers be guaranteed a certain amount of protection before signing on to the bill. Tsk. This will not do. What fun is there, after all, in closing an American Factory and moving it to Central America if you can't pay those workers 30 cents an hour, force them to work by inhuman schedules, and subject them to conditions that would incite an honest OSHA inspector to frothing paroxysms?

And so the Fair Traders are slurred as "isolationists" by the Free Traders, a tactic that worked so well in combating those evil war protestors who were so suspicious of the veracity and motives of the Bushies. "Isolationist" used to be a decent word; now it's as demonised as "Liberal." As Confucius said, the first step to take in controlling the state is rectifying the language (of course, he can be forgiven, since he was honourable, whilst of course the Invisible Handers can't be and are not); since the Free Traders take this advice so well, why not combat them or pre-empt them on the same grounds before they make every neutral term applicable to the opposition just as loaded as those above? I therefore recommend "Free Traders" be interchangable with "Economic Fascists;" "Conservative Christians" can and should be freely substituted with "Cultural Fascists;" "Fortune 500 CEOs" with "Plutocratic Fucktards;" "Republicans" with "Putrescent Reactionary Pigfuckers;" and so on. You know, since "Liberal" equals "Commie Scum" and "isolationist" equals either "Saddam-lover," "America-hater," or, in the economic context, "Moronic Luddist Bought By Labour Unions." What's good for the goose...