Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Terrorists as Mafioso

Terrorist Bombing In Arizona.

Brett Marston -- didn't you read about the cache of biological weapons found in Texas a few months ago? Of course the armament and paranoia of Christian White Supremacist Groups is nothing new; and the similarity between them and islamofascists is obvious on many levels. Since the two groups are peas in a pod in the eyes of most disinterested parties, what is therefore interesting is how the two groups are treated differently, and by whom.

"The administration seems to believe that racist domestic terrorist groups should be fought using the criminal justice system. I'm fine with that, but I hope that they're serious about enforcement, since it is still the case that the only verified WMD threats in recent years have come from domestic terrorists of the white racial supremacist kind. "

Right. These groups are Mafioso -- they are not national groups, they have no statist agenda. Rather, it's racist and/or sectarian. But so are the islamofascists. Yet we persue islamofascists as if they are a foriegn state, rather than as the international gangsters that they are. We have few pundits who argue a "clash of civilizations" with CWSGs, yet they abound in this "analysis" when speaking of all Islam, not just islamofascists. Why is that? Is it because CWSGs are provincial? Does parochialism excuse the terrorist possession of WMDs?

I think I know part of the answer: it's found with materialism. I obviously think that islamofascists should be persued by Intelligence Agencies and International and Domestic Justice Agencies, not national armies. But such investigation, persuit, and eventual adjudication does not net materialist gains, it only nets justice. Plainly, that will not do. The difference is that CWSGs don't have anything we want, other than their criminal selves. Islamofascists, on the other hand, sit upon the proverbial gold mine.


Edit -- I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to take Mr Marston to task; I'm just using his comment as a piggyback. I know I didn't make that clear the first time.