Thursday, March 04, 2004

Shame On Me

For only finding now the funniest political blog on the net:

Sadly, No

A sample:

L. Brent Bozell: Curious Amalgamation of Dr. Zaius and Youppi

The Greatest Chain Letter

Check out his two worthy obsessions, Randian nutball Amber Pawlik and the hilariously unstable Adam Yoshida.

Amber's an especially prize find: she reads like Ann Coulter, but is even more bizarre (oh I didn't think it was possible either) in her writings on certain subjects, like sex. You see in Amber's world (Penn State), there's just too much cock and pussy talk. Too much cock makes a woman a lesbian, and so does too much vagina talk.

A worthy target, and Sadly, No is admirably merciless. But with Sadly, No's help and a strident pharmacological regimen, Amber may yet grow up to be a respectable maniac, like, say, Jane Galt.