Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Ronald Reagan: Terrorist

Right up there with Kennedy and Krushchev taking humanity in their hands during the Cuba Missile Crisis.

Farewell Dossier

"With thousands upon thousands of U.S. and Soviet nukes aimed at each other, someone thought that slyly contriving a massive explosion on Soviet territory would be a clever game to play. This was criminal stupidity. It also fits the definition for an act of war.

"That's right: The Reaganites brought about an explosion that rocked Siberia -- and they left America's calling card, just so there'd be no doubt!

"Safire notes with complacent satisfaction that the three-kiloton Siberian explosion alarmed U.S. security elites worried about a nuclear exchange. Did it occur to no one that the Soviets might have assumed it to be a nuclear attack?"

Well, Ronnie wasn't the type to care. If a nuclear exchange occured, it was God's will anyway. Besides, he and the Good Guys would go to heaven while the Russians and Western Liberals would go to the other place, where they belonged.

Here's another version in an Australian newspaper, The Age.