Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Kissingerism: Alive and Well

Cargo Plane Detained In Harare.

Zimbabwe Seizes US Plane With 64 Mercenaries.

First Chavez in Venezuela, which hasn't quite worked yet. Then Aristide in Haiti, which was pretty easy. Now they're going after Mugabe who, of the three, is the genuine thug. The CIA's plainly been very busy lately. Pity they never could put this sort of effort into, you know, stopping people from crashing airplanes into buildings.

But then when James Baker III said immediately after 9/11 that such a security breach was caused by the post-Watergate investigations (take that, Church and Pike Commitees!) and subsequent "weakening" of intelligence agencies, I knew what to expect: the return of, in Lyndon Johnson's words, "a goddamned Murder, Incorporated."