Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Dying Since '89; Dead Since 9/11; But He Can Still Sell His Corpse

"Well, pre-emption is a word that gets me terribly excited, I have to admit."

"The American left, you would think they didn't give a sh-- what happened to their comrades in Iraq as long as George Bush didn't benefit from it."

"Grover Norquist, the most intelligent and humorous of the Republican strategists,"

"..there are limits, and Mr. Dean managed to find them in only a few weeks of cocky, half-baked and spendthrift posturing. This is not a time when the United States can afford even to flirt with the idea of an insecure narcissist and vain windbag as president."

"It would be as if the Republicans suddenly started talking, as that great veteran Robert Dole once did, about all the conflicts in American history as "Democrat wars." That didn't fly, if you recall, though it would have been a fair description of Vietnam."

"As with most senior Democrats, Kerry's revolving-door record with lobbyists and donors is one to make Cheney and Bush look like amateurs: As with all Democratic primary seasons there is an agreement to forget this collectively in the interests of "change." That's why Lucy in "Peanuts" has become a great national character."

"Well, umm..actually I had been in alliance [before 9/11] with some of the people who are now called neo-conservatives, people like Paul Wolfowitz, who I rather admire, I must say."