Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Courtesy of The Hegemo

The Hegemo runs a nice blog; she's from Cincinnati, as best I can tell, but is a rabid Canuckistanophile, which is very nice indeed. She's also Leftist, and has a nice sense of humour.

So anyway, I recommend her blog.

She had a guest blogger the other day, commenting on Mel Gibson's dreadful movie, whose take on it was especially interesting I thought :

" In the current Dominion of the United States, Gibson
gloriously combines the two qualities most needed to take office: Opie
and Opus Dei; Hollywood and a vicious nasty literalist doctrinally rigid


Two famous Hollywood actors made films based on their religious beliefs
in the past two years. John Travolta and Mel Gibson. Which one has had
an impact? Which one is being taken seriously as a cultural event and
which one was written off as "silly" and "pretentious". Now think about
the Passion of Christ again. It says a lot about contemporary America.

Me, I'm off to watch Life of Brian while it's still allowed."

That's just a little of it; the political deconstruction is quite good too.