Wednesday, March 03, 2004


This is why I was against the Iraq War. No, REALLY.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Ballot Box

Christopher Hitchens has recently been trying to save face over the fact that there were no WMDs by stating that the correct way to have dealt with Saddam was by presumption of guilt. Hence, we were wrong, but right to assume.

Okay then, but the anti-war left has equal right to assume that, given the pedigree of the Bush Adminstration, the "democracy" promised to Iraq is certain to be a sham or facade. I didn't want a puppet, but that's what we'll get, probably in the personage of Dr. Chalabi.

"The script is always the same. When the people won't voluntarily vote for the candidates we like, sooner or later, they end up staring down the barrel of a Suharto/Thieu/Marcos/Pinochet/Putin, a bloodless autocrat who kicks ass and does ribbon-cutting ceremonies for Pepsi. Our concept of democracy and choice is always limited to candidates who will not nationalize resources or protect markets and has no qualms about ignoring the opinions of the population. Which is something those of us who get the feeling that even our own elections here at home are meaningless charades ought to consider: Maybe they are."

That's right. In lieu of a real democracy in Iraq, what the United States actually wishes to install is a puppet for globalist capitalism, which, as the Chinese demonstrate, need not be related to democracy in any way. Real democracy can't be controlled by a foriegn country; hence, Iraq wont be allowed it, because the United States' aim is, precisely, control. Bush's vision for Iraq is Houston, Texas managed like Red China; until he realises that vision, we are bound to hear more stalling, with excuses like "conditions for democracy are not yet favourable in Iraq," when he actually means "the conditions of democracy are not yet favourable to Halliburton."

Though this dynamic might please frauds and intellectual prostitutes like Fareed Zakaria, it doesn't please real democrats. The Iraqis actually had a better chance of democracy if the Kurds & Shia had been armed and allowed to topple Saddam on their own, or wait for his impending death and the resulting certain implosion of the Ba'ath under Saddam's diseased sons.