Friday, March 12, 2004

Alan Dershowitz Got His Wish

Recently released from "detention" at Guantanamo, a Brit claims he was tortured.

"The beatings were not as nearly as bad as the psychological torture - bruises heal after a week but the other stuff stays with you. "

The Mirror has an exclusive interview with the released man.

"He said detainees were shackled for up to 15 hours at a time in hand and leg cuffs with metal links which cut into the skin.

Their "cells" were wire cages with concrete floors and open to the elements - giving no privacy or protection from the rats, snakes and scorpions loose around the American base.


A diet of foul water and food up to 10 years out-of-date left inmates malnourished.

But Jamal's most shocking disclosure centred on the use of vice girls to torment the most religiously devout detainees.

Prisoners who had never seen an "unveiled" woman before would be forced to watch as the hookers touched their own naked bodies.

The men would return distraught. One said an American girl had smeared menstrual blood across his face in an act of humiliation.


So that's why Rummy and Ashcroft are so adamant in impeding or refusing the requests of lawyers, international observers and the fucking Red Cross for access to "detainees." Geneva Convention, my ass. Oh no, the only people who broke that were the Iraqi retards who showed POWs on television (like we did to Saddam, but that's different).