Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Nice sentiment But It'll Never Happen

Iraqis want Saddam's old friends tried along with him.

I wish that were possible, but the trial won't be conducted in an environment that will be conducive to that kind of real justice. Even though the Iraqis may be allowed to try Saddam, you can bet your ass that Viceroy Bremer will stop any attempt to bring in witnesses or allow testimony that would incriminate Saddam's former American friends. After all, did the lawyers of that other old client gone rogue, General Noriega, subpoena the CIA thugs (like Bush Sr) who had aided his autocracy? Not that I remember. So too will it be with Saddam.

It'd be different if the ICC was in charge of this, but then that's why the US hates the ICC -- because war crimes tribunals should only be used to try OTHER criminals, not ours or our allies'.