Sunday, January 25, 2004

From a Well-Wisher : Please Be Careful, Sir

Georgia's new president, Mikheil Saakashvili, is now being wined and dined by some nasty people . Be careful, Mr. President, though it's inevitable that these people seek you out, dont feel so crunched by the need to hit the ground running that you feel you have to sell out.

Remember that as a rule these people give less than a fuck about democracy. After all, they're in the oil business.

You have good intentions. You've won a velvety revolution (and as I followed your struggle, not nearly as closely as you and your people deserve, I confess, I did think of how that, if what you did was even attempted here -- massive peaceful demonstrations and striking with a demand so imperative and so, well, democratic, that it shut down the system and demanded a response -- the Feds would insure that it ended as a bloodbath, Chicago in '68 and the Bonus Army in DC in the 30s being, relative to what would happen, a sanguine drop in a gruesomest bucket), and through Demos and mandate you've deposed the Corrupt, so please take care to not flirt with ..well, more corrupters.

Listen to Mr. Soros and lean on the U.N. Maybe some of the Mittel Europans will help. But for God's sake please be suspicious of cheery offers from Russia's (and ours too for that matter, but then they are all a cartel) oil companies -- these "entities" are poison.

Best Wishes from America.