Wednesday, January 21, 2004


This must get TNR's panties in a wad. Dear Ariel, corrupt? Noo.

But it makes me wonder about Israel's laws on graft; implied in the article is that theirs are more honourable than ours (but then whose isnt?). If we ever get our legalised bribery system (a.k.a campaign funding) fixed, this is a nice way to do it: by punishing the briber AND the bribee.

Of course, we shouldnt worry about chickenfeed like gifts of rolexes or a free trip to Vegas, it's not worth the trouble; instead, punitive action should be focused on the real bribes : sorry, Mr CEO of Generic Tobacco Giant, but when you gave $1,000,000 to X Senator's campaign, and then that Senator made policy that cheated the Many to aid your company's bottom line, that means you both go to jail. THAT would be justice; and of course it'll never happen.