Friday, January 23, 2004

Acknowledge This Point

To those who scoff and sneer at "conspiracy theories" which assert that a small band of neocons/Straussians are the stringpullers behind the war on Iraq, as if such things are absolutely impossible, I'll point to a fact that almost anyone with a semblance of good faith and a sliver of historical knowledge must deign to consider :

That the Spanish American War was, in fact, created and prosecuted by a very elite few, a cabal by any definition:

Theodore Roosevelt
Admiral Mahan
Brooks Adams
Henry Cabot Lodge
Elihu Root
Josiah Strong

Were it not for these men (and the complicity of the press), the Spanish-American War, incredibly injust and even in some theatres genocidal, would never have happened.

So, sneering warbloggers, a cabal IS NOT WITHOUT PRECEDENT.

I'll also remind that the true ideals that drove these men to create that war were when stripped bare, morally reprehensible, for its driving ideologies were hegemony, colonialism, christian bigotry and racism. And aside from ideology, strategic materialism.

JUST LIKE THE ACTUAL AIMS OF THIS WAR, cynical and hollow claims of "democracy-building" not withstanding.