Thursday, October 16, 2003

Surprise, Surprise

Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

Because it is absolutely no surprise to find one of the Kristolmethodists' hands up the ass of this sock-puppet of an Adminstration.

In this case, it's Michael Ledeen, the distended fucktard who last year infamously insulted our intelligence and character by intoning, "all the great historians say that Americans are a war-like people".

Check out the yahoo photo in the first link. Is this not the stereotypical string-puller? He even holds what George Carlin calls "the big brown cock".

Anyway, Ledeen is obviously cooking info concerning uranium, a mendacity which should ring a bell considering recent news. Why "cooking"? Because his source is notoriously disreputable.

I'm not great at remembering specific Arabic or Farsi names but when I saw that of Manucher Ghorbanifar, Ledeen's snitch, I remembered, if only because while on the farm I read three-quarters of Bob Woodward's Veil, about Bill Casey's mafia of a CIA. Eventually the majority of those who shared offices with Oliver North didnt trust Ghorbanifar's info, though it took quite long enough for them to grasp the man's character.

Ghorbanifar --

intentionally fabricated a story of Libyan hit squads targeting Ronald Reagan for assassination.

lied about or used a crappy source in relating to the CIA that Iran had dispatched assassins to Europe to target Iranian exiles.

regularly failed CIA polygraphs :"Ghorbanifar polygraph examination: he showed deception on virtually all of the relevant questions. He has lied/fabricated his information on terrorist activities... is clearly a fabricator and wheeler-dealer who has undertaken activites prejudicial to U.S. interests. Deception indicated to 13 of 15 relevant questions."

functioned as North's and Casey's pack-donkey, however, in couriering TOW missiles to Iran. This was of course monstrously illegal.

suggested to the CIA of using the proceeds of illegal arms sales to Iran for funding of the Nicaraguan Contras and the Mujahadeen resistance in Afghanistan (who later became the Taleban).

and that's just some of it.

So this vendor of useless information is Ledeen's source. Ledeen's dream is to invade Iran. Too perfect. All this is so 1987.