Thursday, October 16, 2003

Speaking of Noble, Doomed Enterprises

George Soros has apparently funded two worthy causes, the Iraq Revenue Watch and, also through his Open Society Institute, the Caspian Revenue Watch.

There's not much Soros or anyone else can do about McWorld-PetroDivision's invasion, homogenisation, and exploitation of these countries. The people who live there are doomed to recieve pennies for the true wealth of their resources, and as a bonus will enjoy whatever decent environment they had used as a semen receptacle by the unencumbered-by-regulation Corporate Resource Rapists.

But at least Soros's effort will make for a modicum of transparency.

For now Representative Henry Waxman, that old scourge of the tobacco companies, is doing a decent job of exposing some of the crooks, like calling out DICK Cheney's Halliburton for overcharging the U.S. Army and Iraqis alike on gasoline of all things. And the rightwingers can spare me the excuses that Iraq's production isnt at full blast yet : it can't be so low that they "have" to import oil for the relatively modest needs of a shattered Iraq (even including an occupying Army). It's a simple scam of stealing from the poor or the coerced and selling the loot back to them at mark up. The Vice President should be called DICK Corleone.