Friday, October 17, 2003

Oscar Lives in a Trashcan, Grover Lives in a..

Josh Marshall considers Grover Norquist outrageous, and of course he's right. Link via Marstonalia.

Something tells me that the Kristolmethodist creeps and the Commentary gang will give Grover a free pass.

Grover thinks that a progressive tax policy is comparable to the Holocaust. It's fine that he thinks such a stupid thing (and Mr Marston nicely explains why Norquist, as extreme ideologue, here says what he really means); it's his, as they say, prerogative. As far as I'm concerned, it illuminates how insane the far-right (Norquist is a Bush advisor) really is.

But my problem is the inconsistency of Norquist's fellow ideologues -- witness the recent rightwing bitching (I think in an op-ed New York Times piece) about the left equating Bushism to fascism -- as if the analogy is off limits. At any rate, calling someone -- or labelling someone's politics as -- fascist is a far cry from specifically calling them Nazi or Holocaust-enthusiasts or comparing their actions in any way to the Crime of all Time. At any rate, the Kristolmethodists would ordinarily excoriate someone on the left for, in effect, taking the Holocaust's name in vain. I suspect they will not extend Grover the same courtesy. Even though Norquist in effect degrades the memory of the Holocaust with such a comparison.

(I might as well complete it : the only time it is, I think, relevant or even dutiful to raise the Holocaust in this sort of way, in this sort of argument, is when the opponent, as so many do on left and right, deny ethnic cleansing or genocide or the fault of those responsible -- Hitler, Stalin, Jackson, Sharon, Kissinger, Sherman, Suharto, Milosevic, Pol Pot, Saddam, Amin, ad nauseum -- for such events.)