Thursday, July 24, 2003

Wolfowitz : A Standard Issue Lie and Then A Remarkable Truth & More Iraq News

"It was difficult to imagine before the war that the criminal gang of sadists and gangsters who have run Iraq for 35 years would continue fighting, fighting what has been sometimes called a guerrilla war"

Well, of course he'll say that. It's not like he'll admit that normal, non-Baath, everyday Iraqis are the majority of the guerrillas.

But then he, as is so ever often the case, lets down his guard and speaks the truth:

"Some conditions were worse than we anticipated, particularly in the security area."
No Iraqi military units "of significant size" defected to the American side.
"Second, the police turned out to require a massive overhaul"
"Third, and worst of all," he said, was the underestimation of resistance.

Then, after some verbal strutting:

""And the fact is — you know it — we often just make mistakes. We do stupid things."

Yes, we do Mr. Wolfowitz, yes we do.

Read it at the Seattle Times .
We've shut down our first Iraqi newspaper. Though the reasons aren't, well, unreasonable, it's still a suspicious thing to do, possibly a start to an unsavoury habit, and it also happens to be for rhetoric which only gets Western Journalists fired (Ann Coulter, you bitch, I'm pointing in your direction), rather than their entire newspaper shut down : the call to kill a nation's enemies as a religious duty. Story from the Christian Science Monitor.
The Ozzies are coming around : 67 percent believe that the Howard Government misled them on the justifications for the war while 37 percent think that the misleading was done knowingly. Ozzies, the Danes, the Brits and now even we stupid Americans are starting to see what a sham this was. That leaves the Poles -- whose government didn't sell the war in quite the same way -- as pretty much the only "coalition" government not under considerable fire.